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BDO Credit Card [email protected]/activate

BDO credit card Activation or BDO Card Activation is by login the activation online or a calling to BDO phone number, using ATM PIN which will give permission to the BDO cardholders to use their cards as they want. If you’ve just received your new BDO credit card, you’re probably eager to get it activated. Then, Congratulations guys, as you actually found the solution here.


I have written all the important information step by step to activate your BDO Card.
BDO (Banco de Oro) is a Philippine banking corporation offering personal and business banking services. We are a leading provider of financial solutions. It benefits you in several ways which include cash back, extra credit points and free gifts.


The most apparent benefit of BDO activate credit card is that you can easily purchase or make payments without having cash in your pocket.BDO Credit Card is an exclusive service which makes our life easier and comfortable. Using a BDO Credit Card offers you to make payments with a faster speed with a more easy process.


BDO Card [email protected]/activate


If you have freshly received your credit card or debit card either in hand or in the mail then you will require to proceed with the BDO Credit Card Activation before using it. You can activate BDO card with following methods:


1. Activate BDO Credit Card Online.

2. Activate BDO Credit Card over a phone call.

3. Activate BDO Credit Card through ATMs Machine.


BDO Contact Help & Customer care service

BDO Customer Service Number : +800-8-631-8000

BDO International Customer Service Phone Number : 00 800 8631 8000

BDO Customer Service Email Address : [email protected]

BDO Card Activate Online : Click here

BDO Official Website Link : Click here


Requirements to Activate BDO Credit Card.


The followings are some essentially required documents which should be with you to complete BDO Credit Card Activation Successfully.


-You must have your new BDO Credit Card with BDO Credit Card Number, CVV code, Expiry Date, Activation Code, security code, etc

-You must have an online account with proper User ID and Password.

-You must have the registered phone number with you.

-You must have the genuine details for the verification purpose.


bdo card activation

Activate BDO Credit Card Online


-Visit the official website of BDO credit card activation Click Here 

-Then enter the 16 digits of credit card number and PIN.

-In the next step, Select on Activate Now by selecting your first two letter is your birth month letter and the last two letter is your birth year.

-The bank will send your at OTP on your registered phone number.

-Verify the receive OTP with the bank online portal.

-Just Enter the correct OTP (one-time-password) and click on “Submit” to complete your BDO Credit Card Activation Online.

-Good,Your BDO credit card is activated.It will be access soon.


Activate BDO Credit Card over phone call


-Now Dial a (02) 631-8000 or Domestic Toll-Free 1-800-10-631-8000 using your registered mobile number.

– Now select the language to start the activation process.

-Now enter the Card Number very carefully and provide your personal information.

-Follow the instructor instructions very carefully and complete the process.

-As you complete the process your card will be activated.


Activate BDO Credit Card through ATMs Machine


-Visit the nearby BDO ATM machine in your area.

-Now swipe your card first and select the language of your preference.

-Now, Enter your BDO Credit Card details and your password.

-Now, select the option “Card-Activation”.

-Immediately, the bank will send your at OTP on your registered phone number.

-When your receive OTP on your registered phone number, Enter the correct OTP (one-time-password) and click on “Submit” to complete your BDO Credit Card Activation at ATM’s.

-WELL DONE, your BDO Credit Card is Activated successfully!!


BDO Credit Card Application Status Inquiry Online


To perform an online inquiry, simply click this link to visit their credit card application status online checker. Afterwards, simply input either your SSS Number or TIN Number .


BDO Credit Card Customer Contact Center:


Email Address: [email protected]


Metro Manila: (+632)631-8000

Domestic Toll-Free Hotline Numbers: 1800-10-631-8000 (PLDT)

1800-3-631-8000 (Digitel)
1800-5-631-8000 (Bayantel)
1800-8-631-8000 (Globelines)
International Toll-Free Nos.: IAC +800-8-631-8000


Click here for the list of International Access Codes.


Please use a landline when calling their Toll Free numbers to avoid incurring telephone charges.

For Visa Travel Money Card:

Metro Manila:(+632) 688-1488
Domestic Toll-Free Nos: 1800-10-688-1488

International Toll-Free No.: IAC +800-8-688-1488


Other contact information can be found at their Contact Us page.




Hi,Guys, this is what I had shared here “How to complete BDO Credit Card Activation Online Process, BDO Credit Card Activation Phone Number, and  BDO Credit Card Activation at ATM’s Procedure.

Just select a suitable activate the process to Activate BDO Credit Card Online, Activate BDO Credit Card by Phone Number, or Activate BDO Credit Card at AMT’s

However, if you have any doubt or query about the BDO Credit Card Activation, then please ask us through the below comment box.

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